Medicare Price Negotiation Bill Headed to House Floor

For 16 years, the National Committee and other seniors’ advocates have been pressuring Congress to pass legislation empowering Medicare to negotiate prescription drug prices with Big Pharma. That goal finally appears within reach. Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Lower Drug Prices Now Act will get a floor vote by the end of this month, according to several[…]

National Committee Holds First Rx Drug Pricing Town Hall

Today marked an important step in the National Committee’s Don’t Cut Pills, Cut Profits campaign to educate and empower voters to help reduce prescription drug prices. Seniors in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area joined elected leaders and experts for a town hall this morning on the skyrocketing cost of drugs. The town hall featured Rep. Gwen[…]

Florida Citizens Protest Trump’s Medicare Deceptions

Local citizens organized by a National Committee volunteer protested the President’s fact-challenged Medicare speech at the Villages retirement community outside Ocala, Florida on Thursday. The roadside protest near the Ocala airport (where Air Force One landed) was a reminder that seniors shouldn’t be fooled by the President’s misleading Medicare rhetoric. Protesters ranging in age from[…]

Note to GOP: Prescription Drug ‘Free Market’ Has Failed Americans

No sooner had Nancy Pelosi unveiled legislation to lower prescription drug prices, than House Republicans rejected it on the usual grounds. According to GOP orthodoxy, any attempt by the government to rein-in runaway prescription prices amounts to “interfering” with the “free market.” To the extent that the pharmaceutical market honestly can be called “free” (given[…]

Prescription Drug Prices a Top Priority for Congress After Summer Recess

When Congress returns from summer recess on Monday, lawmakers will have plenty on their plates, especially the vexing issue of high prescription drug prices. Hill-watchers expect action on legislation from both parties which aim to reduce prices at the pharmacy counter, though there is scant consensus on specific policies. Most Congressional Democrats believe (and the[…]

Opinion: America’s long-term care crisis is worsening

Long term care is something most of us will need as we grow older. We might develop chronic diseases, mobility issues, Alzheimer’s or other conditions that prevent us from fully caring for ourselves. (Long term care includes everything from assisted living to skilled nursing facilities to in-home care.) According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, 52%[…]

Trump Once Again Betrays Social Security, Medicare Promises

We hardly needed more evidence that President Trump didn’t really mean it when he promised as a candidate “not to touch” Social Security and Medicare. But the past week’s news has once again shown how hollow that promise is. First, the White House floated the idea of temporarily cutting FICA payroll taxes to stimulate an[…]

National Committee Engages Voters at Town Halls

As we rush headlong toward the 2020 election year, the National Committee is ramping up its efforts to engage voters on the issues that matter most to seniors – Social Security, Medicare, and the soaring cost of prescription drugs. During the past week alone, NCPSSM President Max Richtman has been participating in town halls from[…]

Medicare Anniversary a Reminder that Today’s Seniors Need More

National Committee president Max Richtman released the following statement today, on the 54th anniversary of the Medicare: “At the same time as we celebrate the anniversary of a program that has provided generations of seniors with health care they could not otherwise access or afford, we are keenly aware of the growing needs of older[…]