Trump’s 2019 Budget Shortchanges the Elderly, Poor, and Disabled

President Trump released an FY 2019 budget today proposing deep spending reductions for Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), and myriad other federal programs that help older Americans, the poor, and people with disabilities. “This budget once again lays bare the Trump administration’s terribly misguided priorities. In the wake of massive tax cuts for[…]

Bipartisan Budget Bill a Pretty Good Deal for Seniors

Bipartisan Budget Bill a Pretty Good Deal for Seniors The bipartisan budget bill passed by Congress early this morning is, on balance, good news for seniors and the federal programs that provide them with financial and health security. “Seniors will feel these changes in their pocketbooks and even in the way they feel physically,” says[…]

President Trump and the State of Prescription Drug Prices: More Talk, No Action?

Some of President Trump’s pronouncements in last night’s State of the Union address were outright falsehoods. Others were simply misleading. Some, like his pledge to lower prescription drug prices, were likely hollow promises. Here is what he told assembled lawmakers and television viewers around the country: “One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the[…]

Medicare Therapy Caps: It’s Time for a Permanent Repeal

Many of us have loved ones who’ve heard those dreaded words “Medicare won’t approve any more physical therapy (or occupational therapy or speech therapy) for you this year” – or have been told the same thing ourselves. Whether recovering from a stroke, heart attack, serious fall or myriad other conditions, few things are more frustrating[…]

Hollow Victory For The Gop Is A Loss For Seniors, Working Americans

Congressional Republicans have just pulled off the biggest heist in American history – transferring trillions of dollars of wealth to the rich and profitable corporations at the expense of working and middle class Americans. By ramming this ill-considered legislation through Congress in a reckless manner, GOP members of Congress put partisanship over people and donors[…]

Mess of a GOP Tax Bill Still Hurts Older Americans

The tax bill that has emerged from closed-door negotiations between House and Senate Republicans remains deeply harmful to the working class, the elderly, and the sick. The only good news is that the bill retains the medical expense deduction which so many older Americans rely upon. The rest is bad news. The latest version of[…]

After Passing Senate Tax Bill, GOP to Target Seniors’ Earned Benefits

Maybe it’s no coincidence that the Senate passed its tax bill, vampire-like, in the dead of night. How very apropos for legislation that could lead to the lifeblood being leached out of programs that the elderly and working class depend on. Kudos to Senator Bob Corker for being the lone Republican to stand on principle[…]

Senate Republicans Hand Expensive Holiday Present to Those With Everything

“Senate Republicans have just given the wealthy and multi-national corporations an early Christmas present by passing the Trump/GOP tax plan, while leaving a lump of coal for seniors and almost everyone else. The president and his party in Congress are asking the poor, middle class, and elderly to pick up the tab for trillions of[…]