Outrage Crucial as Trump-GOP Tax Scam Gets Dangerously Close to Passing the Senate

When President Trump and Congressional Republicans tried to repeal Obamacare earlier this year, the gross unfairness of taking healthcare away from 20-30 million Americans sparked outrage across the country. Members of Congress got an angry earful from constituents every time they went back home. Speaker Paul Ryan’s office got so many calls they had to[…]

Trump/GOP Tax Bill Would Trigger Devastating Cut to Medicare

In the latest in a series of “oops” moments for the GOP, Congressional leaders apparently didn’t realize that their deficit-swelling tax scheme would trigger $136 billion in automatic cuts to mandatory spending programs. This includes a $25 billion reduction in Medicare spending, which would take effect almost immediately after passage of the tax bill. Needless[…]

GOP Budget Resolution a “Lump of Coal” for Seniors, Middle Class

While the media have been largely consumed by the latest outrages from the White House, Republicans in Congress have been quietly working to radically redesign our tax code and cut trillions in spending that benefits ordinary Americans, including and especially seniors. With little fanfare, the Senate voted 51-49 last week to pass a cynical budget[…]

Rep. Brat at His Worst: Spreading Myths about Social Security and Medicare

In a contentious interview with CNN’s Kate Bolduan this week, Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) perpetuated some dangerous myths about Social Security and Medicare. Brat, a Tea Partier and fiscal bomb thrower, has been campaigning to cut seniors’ earned benefits since first running for Congress in 2014. The CNN interview heated up when Bolduan pressed Brat[…]

Medicare Turns 52: A Time for Cake, Candles, and Continued Vigilance

Medicare turns 52 years old this weekend. It’s an occasion for both celebration and vigilance. Surely the anniversary of a federal program that has provided quality healthcare for millions of seniors since 1965 is a happy moment. But the fact that this highly successful, highly efficient program is under threat from the right after more[…]

Grassley can help create firewall against Medicare, Medicaid cuts

The future of Medicare and Medicaid may depend on Sen. Charles Grassley. He is one of a handful of Senate Republicans who could serve as a firewall against harmful changes to these crucial programs that Iowa seniors rely upon. The GOP’S American Health Care Act would have cut $880 billion from Medicaid. With so many[…]

CBO Confirms: GOP Healthcare Bill is a Huge Setback for Older Americans

Twenty-three million people will lose health insurance in the next decade under the GOP’s American Health Care Act (AHCA) according to the latest Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report. The CBO analysis concludes that the House Republican plan benefits the young and healthy at the expense of older and sicker Americans. The report indicates that “near[…]