Don’t be Fooled by GOP Posturing on Pre-Existing Conditions

The Republican candidate for the open Senate seat in Arizona, Martha McSally, probably speaks for other GOP contenders across the country when she says, “I’m getting my a– kicked” on the issue of health care. Congresswoman McSally has been hammered by her Democratic opponent, Krysten Sinema, for twice voting to repeal the Affordable Care Act,[…]

It’s Time for Seniors to Vote In Their Own Interests Once Again

Older Americans are one of the most powerful voting blocs in U.S. elections. More than half of the electorate in the 2016 elections were over 50. Senior voters typically make up an even bigger share of Americans casting ballots in mid-term elections. Some analysts believe older voters will determine who controls the House and Senate[…]

Republicans Have Not ‘Changed Their Tune’ on Medicare

Dave Wiegel seems to have forgotten some very recent history about the Republican party’s posture on Medicare (How eight years – and President Trump – have changed the GOP’s tune on Medicare, 10/9/18). Far from “abandoning” their campaign to cut Americans’ earned benefits, GOP leaders have doubled-down on it. The ink was barely dry on[…]

McConnell Reminds Retirees What They Have to Lose in November

As if to remind us what is at stake with three weeks to go until election day, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell doubled-down on the GOP’s promises to ‘reform’ Social Security and Medicare, which really means cut and privatize. His comments came on the heels of a Treasury Department announcement that the federal budget deficit[…]

Five Crucial Questions for Candidates About Social Security and Medicare

With four weeks to go until election day, seniors and their families should be seeking answers to some crucial questions affecting Social Security and Medicare. Those answers must come from anyone who wants the votes of current and future retirees on November 6th, because the future of Americans’ earned benefits depends on electing candidates who[…]

Five Weeks Until Voters Choose Whether to Boost or Cut Social Security & Medicare

On November 6th, voters will choose whether to boost or cut Social Security and Medicare. The stakes are that simple. Republicans proposals would raise eligibility ages, reduce benefits and undermine both programs. On the other side, Democrats have introduced bills to expand and protect seniors’ earned benefits – legislation which has languished in a GOP-controlled[…]

Trump is wrong, Dems are fighting to save Medicare and Social Security

President Trump has shown an uncanny ability to “project” issues onto his perceived foes — ascribing to them his own troublesome actions, especially when he tries to deflect bad news. That’s exactly what he did at a political rally in Montana Thursday night amidst a firestorm of White House controversies, unleashing a whopper about Americans’[…]

Stagnant Wages in Wake of Trump/GOP Tax Scam Hurt Workers and Future Retirees

Underneath the major headlines about the death of Senator McCain and the latest iterations of the Trump scandals, a theme has emerged in news coverage about how the president and his party’s policies are affecting working people. The theme is that, despite promises that the Trump/GOP tax scheme would benefit everyday Americans, real wages remain[…]

Misleading Media Headlines on Social Security & Medicare Finances

Reading the headlines from earlier this week, one would think that Social Security and Medicare were on their deathbeds. The latest flurry of misleading headlines came in response to the release of the 2018 Social Security and Medicare Trustees reports: Entitlements are in crisis. Trump refuses to act – Washington Post Medicare To Go Broke[…]

Draft Medicare Handbook Biased Toward Private Plans

A draft handbook on Medicare enrollment has drawn criticism from senior’s advocates – and rightly so. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the draft for review in advance of mailing a final version to 43 million households this September. What bothers advocates is the handbook’s apparent bias toward private Medicare Advantage plans[…]